Does Magnesium Really Help You Sleep?

Researchers increase the magnesium not only they enhanced fear memory it also enhance the control of fear memory.

1. Does magnesium help you sleep?

Does magnesium help you sleep?

What does magnesium do when it comes to stress and sleep? In early study, researchers intended to develop a memory enhancer, but after few years they start to worry about memory enhancer, because you have a good memory also a bad memory. And the worst memory is fear memory, so if you fear something and then obviously researchers thought what if they enhanced fear memory that will be the disaster. It is not possible to increase the good memory but the bad memory, its common that a lot of people remember bad stuff better than good stuff, well that should be because best stuff makes your life better and bad stuff hurts you. When researchers studies bad memory, they found that magnesium doesn’t touched the bad memory, our brain has a way to surpass the bad memory, the brain region which controls this function, this region of brain is enhanced by magnesium. So therefore when researchers increase the magnesium not only they enhanced fear memory it also enhance the control of fear memory. 

2. Natural Magnesium from Plants:

Natural Magnesium from Plants:

Some fruits and vegetables contain magnesium, just like iron deficiency, one can also suffer from magnesium deficiency which results in bad mood swings, stress and less sleep because magnesium help you sleep. Sleep deprivation also called insomnia and it is a number one disease in America. People tend to find cure in pharmaceutical drugs. But the real cure hides in natural, herbal things. High magnesium foods are vital part of living happy, without sleep you will be a victim of depression and anxiety. Foods like, fish, all types of beans, fiber products like whole grains, ripe avocados, yogurt, ripe bananas, dark leafy greens, dried fruit like peanuts, white and dark chocolate and dairy products.

3. How to Enhance Magnesium Intake?

How to Enhance Magnesium Intake?

Just like vitamin pills, you can also avail a good boost of magnesium at any herbal store, or you can browse through internet to look for best place to find magnesium products. One quick tip to help you sleep, if you have trouble sleeping, use magnesium because magnesium help you sleep. It can be consumed in many ways, but many times it doesn’t have a subjective effect on you that why many users go for the powder, you can make it into a liquid. You can get the magnesium from any pharmaceutical or herbal shop, just take the recommended dose, sometimes more if you like, and within 10 minutes you start to get the subjective relaxation feeling both mentally and it also kind of a muscle relaxant. But there is a slight draw back consuming magnesium containing product,  it is also addictive so don’t take five times a dose, it’s not going to hurt you but you can have some other issues, Take the recommended dose written behind the bottle or you can ask doctor about it. After that in few days you will start feeling the good need for sleep as soon the magnesium kicked in your brain.