12 Exceptionally Fatal Weapons Made In Prison

When one steps out of an open world into Jail, everything changes, as it's a whole new world for him.

In prison it's all about color and race. Usually color based and origin based gangs are formed in prisons. Unaccompanied one cannot survive in Jail. One must choose a gang if he is to endure the austerity of prison life.

It's an old cliche that, "An empty mind is the devil's workshop". As prisoners stay idle all day long starring helplessly at prison bars, thinking of independence, many evil thoughts come to his head. That's hoe lethal weapons are crafted.

In 2005, German photographer Marc Steinmetz photographed weapons confiscated at Celle, Santa Fu, Ludwigsburg and Wolfenbuttel prisons in Germany. 

Following are the 12 most niftily coped weapons:                

(All images are  taken from Marc Steinmetz Photography