28 Best Liberal Arts Colleges in USA

If you are interested in studying Liberal Arts in USA, you have come to the right place. This article includes ranking of the top Liberal Arts Colleges in USA. These are the most selective colleges to study.

How are these schools ranked?

There are many ways in which schools are ranked and they often involve complicated formulas. Several other factors are also taken into account. I have pored some of the most popular lists that rank Liberal Arts Colleges, and looked into what measures are used when the quality is determined. 

- Undergraduate Academic Reputation 

- Retention

- Faculty Resources

- Student Selectivity 

- Alumni Giving Rate

Top Liberal Arts Colleges Ranking

There are some definite patterns when different ranking lists of Liberal Arts Colleges are taken into account i.e US News, World Report, Niche, Forbes and College Choice. I've separated schools into 4 tiers, with Tier 1 including the highest ranking schools. There are simply listed in alphabetical order rather than specific rankings within schools. 

Tier 1 Schools

*Amherst College                * Middlebury College              * Pomona College

* Williams University        * Swarthmore College            * Bowdin University

Tier 2 Schools

*Carleton University                   *Claremont College                        * McKenna University

 *Haverford  College                    * Washington and Lee                   * Wellesley University


Tier 3 Schools

* Bates College                    * Colgate University              * Davidson University

* Grinnel College                * Hamilton College                 * Harvey Mudd University

* Oberlin Univesity           * Smith College                         * Wesleyan University

Tier 4 Schools

* Barnard College                                   * Bucknell University                * Colorado College

* Franklin & Marshall College         * Reed College                              * Union College

* University of Richmond 

How do you get into these colleges?

The most important thing before applying to any of these colleges is to determine how much competitive applicant you are. To strengthen your application you must focus on few things that are considered very important for selection criteria. Things that matter are;

- Average Academic GPA

- Average SAT/ACT scores

- Letters of Recommendation

- Extracurricular & Co- Curricular  Activities