7 Uplifting Videos That Is Going To Make Your Day

Sometimes Life is hard, School is stressful and Work is worst, so now it's literally time for a break.

1.This is how Pure joy is experienced.

Buzz and Dandelions.

2. How a girl meets her dad: This is going to make your day.

Independence Day (Daddy's Cut)

3. Watch this little boy rap and imagine your all worries going away.

Little two year old boy rapping.

4. Take a deep breath and watch this guy beautifully making Logos

Drawing Company Logos - Son of Perfection

5. Listen to this cute girl's beautiful story and enjoy.

Cute girl tells a Story.

6. Go ahead, feel happy.... You deserve it.

Thumbs up for Rock and Roll.

7. Jessica meets Vanessa, and assures her she's fine.

Such a cute and caring girl.