Best Text Messages Of 2016

Sweet text messages to send for the love of your life, or a best friend who means a lot to you, to wish your friends on their birthday with a special note, and funny messages.

The battle between your mind and heart!

How I wish that your heart should win between your own life battles that oscillated between your mind and heart? Because, your heart is where I am and I always want to ever be. Good Night!

Addicted to you!

It’s not that I can live with you, it’s that I can never ever live without you that matters. Addicted to you today, always and forever!

Beautiful you!

When years fly and you age, all I wish to see is to look at you – the wrinkled skin and gray hair, yet hear our grandchildren watch you and skip a heartbeat, stating that you look beautiful.


I freeze sometimes, stop walking or talking, and gaze somewhere else. I would not know where I am or who is around me. But, suddenly when you hold me and ask “what happened?” I would answer, “You”


What you are to me is like slow music in the night at around 2:00 AM when it is dark, and when you don’t feel sleepy but are in need of something warm. Then, when I pick my mobile and plug in the earphones, the slow music that would start will bring a smile on my face. I will resonate, feel good and fall asleep slowly. That my dear, is what you are to me. Love you! Sleep tight.

Without You

It is when I am back home, finding you not around and when I had to sit with my legs hugged tight, and I feel homesick. That’s what I am without you, feeling homesick at home! Come back soon, good night!


Love was like that small couple of fluffy bunnies that comes out of a magician’s hat. You never really know when it started and suddenly, it shows up.

Waking Up

Do you know what I love about waking up? It is when I get up and smile thinking of you right away. You’re worth getting up for and showing off to the world that we are in love, I wake up each day to know that you’re still there and will always be!

Addiction – you better know why!

It’s saddening when people think I am addicted to my phone, but, I am actually addicted to you!

People think I spend more time on Facebook, but, am just losing myself looking at your pictures out there. 

People know am addicted, they just don’t know that I am addicted to you!


Brewing hot coffee with a bit of sugar to make it drink worthy, a bitter caffeine taste to hit my sleepy head and then, when I look up – I want you!