How to Secure your Facebook account

Facebook a site less than a decade old and has now over a billion users is the only leisure pursuit most people have in this day and age.

After a long tiring day at office, a tough day at school, college or university, people want something to be engaged in something that engrosses them. These users share almost everything they do in their schedule. Person enjoying a party will share his moments, person attending a wedding will share his feelings, person playing a game will share his experience and it goes on. Eventually we are giving all our information in the hands of one company that has frequently faced cases for potential security issues. This has not stopped the people from using it. If you’re also one of those billion users and reading this, should this make you nervous? Well all the questions you’re seeking will be answered if you’rereading this article.

Difference between Security and Privacy:

Well most of us get confused with the difference between security and privacy. In fact security and privacy are somehow entirely different.

Security is basically the confidentiality that the site gives your about your privacy. If the question on the security of Facebook is considered, one thing you should keep in mind is that there are no breaches in Facebook’s defenses. Never has any third party hacked into Facebook servers until this day. You should probably feel safe now because that’s explicitly amazing news for you. Your data is protected by the very site you have faith in.  

Now getting on to the question about privacy, there are some points you should mull over when using Facebook. Never follow the link from the page you do not trust on Facebook. Following the link invites malware and executes phishing attacks as if Facebook needs some additional information. This malware obtains users personal information on Facebook without victim even knowing that something is wrong. This is something that fully depends on the user. If he or she is cautious about it then there is nothing to worry about because your information is in safe hands.

How to secure your account?

Another important thing the users should keep in their mind is not to introduce an app to their Facebook account they barely know because that app gathers you personal information on Facebook like e-mail, cell phone number(if you have provided), date of birth and much more. Do read the permissions to the app before introducing it to Facebook. Facebook provides its users an amazing feature with which you can change the permission to the app by going to Privacy Settings » Ads, Apps and Websites » Apps you use.

One of the most important things to be considered is that you choose a strong password that includes upper-case letters, lower-case letters and numerical. An easy password can prove to be critical. Passwords like:

12345                                                               nicole                                                                                            123456                                                            daniel                                                                          123456789                                                   babygirl                                                                            password                                                       monkey                                                                       iloveyou                                                         Jessica                                                                             princess                                                          lovely                                                                                      rockyou                                                          Michael                                      1234567                                                        ashley                                                     12345678                                                      654321                                                         abc123                                                            qwerty

Using a 2-way authentication method is one of the best features provided by Facebook. By utilizing this feature you can feel safer than ever. Whenever you login Facebook will send you a six digit verification code as a key to login to your Facebook account. It can be enabled by going to Account Settings » Security » Login Approvals and turn on Login Notifications via email. Any hacker trying to intrude into your account will be absolutely embarrassed.

Taking care of these few things do not take any effort but ensures you privacy and makes you feel secure.