How to Travel the UK on the Cheap

No wonder UK is a number one destination for many tourists also the most expensive country in Europe.

No wonder UK is a number one destination for many tourists also the most expensive country in Europe. Always keep an eye on your transportation or you might be daunted by its cost. Many tourists have found a way to travel the UK for cheap. Lets discuss some ways to save money on transportation. 

Book Early

Traveling by train, bus, or air should not be a bigger concern but it is always a good idea to book early, this way you can save money. Any delay or last minute booking will always be exponentially more costly.

Cheap UK Train Travel

It is a favorite way to travel the UK for many tourists as well citizens because traveling by train is a best option for first timers. You will be passing by the never ending scenery, beautiful green hills, sheep, lavish fields, small villages.

You need aBritrail Pass in order to travel by train if you are a non-UK resident and planning on traveling lots of long distances in the UK by train. Dont forget to check the Megatrain or Virgin Train because both are very cheap train routes. With the help of 'The Trainlines Fare Finder you can check the rate of your every route, also you can search for cheapest tickets for various dates and times.  The Trainline is cheaper than other sites and most helpful one. 

What to know:

There are cheap fares for Megatrain from Warrington Bank Quay to Glasgow which is a short trip from Edinburgh.  You never heard of Warrington Bank Quay, but its only a few miles away from Chester. You have to pay the normal fare if you travel from Chester to Warrington or from Glasgow to Edinburgh  but  if you go from Warrington to Glasgow, it might take time to reach but the fare is super-cheap i.e. £9.

 Cheap UK Bus Travel

Traveling through bus or coach has some positives and negatives aspects.  But bus travel can be much cheaper than other transportations but it take time, especially in summers.

It is a wise idea to book a coach when traveling from Chester to London.  Train takes 2.5 hours on the other hand coach takes 5 hours but it is a lot cheaper than train travel.  For some people five hours bus ride is not possible not to forget 11 hours to Scotland, definitely not worth it.  

First, check out Megabus for the cheapest fares of the bunch, and then check out National Express for cheap fares.

Always Remember: 

You must book as early as possible. If get lucky you can even have £1 fares.  Driving or just sitting on a bus, you must wear a seatbelt at all times because its UK law.

Cheap UK Air Travel

If saving money is your first priority, it is not recommended air travel in the UK most of the time, because the sheer act of flying requires so much time and effort and its not worth it.  But it can be useful for exceptionally large distances, like London to Aberdeen or Inverness. Make sure to check airline websites, unpublished fares because many budget airlines have several domestic routes in UK.

What to know:

The only disadvantage of Budget airlines is that they usually fly at inconvenient times from random airports. Make sure you have someone to drive you, or youll be paying a lot of parking fee.