My Horse Riding Experience

A story i will never forget

I first sat on my mother’s horse when I was just 8 months old, I screamed, my mother thought I will never like horses. Little did she know? I got my first Pony on my second birthday, she was a Chestnut Mare, and a hackle cross Shetland called Wren. It was a love at first sight, my mother taught me how to do horse riding on my Pony for 3 years.She died from a heart attack when she was 16 and I was only 5. I was too young to really understand that she was gone and never coming back. I joined the pony club and my mother gave me Darra after few years Darra had earned herself an honorable retirement and was sent back at the age of 27. My mother being a single mother things were sometimes hard but I got myself ‘RED’. Red was my horse name and he was a giant. In 2012 I took Red to Pony club he loved it and won just about every award, including best pony club award, even though he was a big strong horse I was only 12 and he didn’t ruined thing. After some years he was sent to vets for tests, he was scanned, and had camera inserted inside him, but they couldn’t find anything that would cause his reluctance to pee. His rearing got worse and so did his aggression. 

Once we both kicked by a horse while riding out, from that moment on he start hating horses, he kicked them, bit them. He got famous as an evil horse in town. We spent a lot of money on him to fix him to understand the cause. One thing I was sure that it was not the lack of love that made him like that, after all he was my horse and my best friend. After knocking me over and trampling me and throwing off, we knew it was time for him to go. The vets suspected the brain tumor that was causing the aggression but my mother couldn’t afford the procedure.

Allan Hamilton the famous author once said “I call horse’s divine mirrors, they reflect back the emotions you put in. If you put in love and respect and kindness and curiosity, the horse will return that.

 I got my next horse Harvey, I started to feel the real pleasure of horse riding, and he is 6 now. He was so fat few years ago, he is a 15.1 Irish Cob Cross. Me being me, got straight on him after just 2 days, there was something about him, I trusted him. He even qualified for the champions at-Aston Le Walls, he came 8th. First affiliated BE90 event, he went double clear. I started working on a professional evening yard, I got to ride stallions, breaking in youngsters and riding horses, worth a lot of money. My horses are my life my reason to get up every morning. Harvey is now retired stage 20 due to an injury and spending his last days at farm with me and my mother.