Study in USA - International Students

Studying abroad on is no doubt a dream come true. Many of the Pakistani college graduates consider, to be accepted in University of USA, very hard. But hey wait a second. Reading this article will take hardly 5 minutes but will change your life eternally.

SAT-1 or SAT reasoning Test:

There are just a few things to keep in mind before applying to any University of USA. First of all, you should have taken SAT-1 or SAT Reasoning Test conducted by College Board 7 times a year:   

Ø October

Ø November

Ø December

Ø January

Ø May

Ø June

Entrance Difficulty:

Note one point that the colleges in USA are divided in thefollowing categories on the basis of acceptance rate:

Ø Minimally difficult (75-100% of the applicants admitted)

Ø Moderately difficult (50-75% of the applicants admitted)

Ø Very Difficult (25-50% of the applicants admitted)

Ø Mostly Difficult (0-25% of the applicants admitted)

Other factors to be considered:

Acceptance rate is a factor to be considered when applying tothe universities, but you should never judge the book by its cover. There aremany more factors, to be considered, when applying to the university. I’veworked on those factors and made a list for you given below:

Ø AcademicGPA

Ø AlumniRelation

Ø ApplicationEssay

Ø Character/PersonalQualities

Ø ExtracurricularActivities

Ø Firstgeneration college student

Ø GeographicalResidence

Ø Interview

Ø Racial/EthnicStatus

Ø Recommendations

Ø Rigor ofsecondary school record

Ø StandardizedTest Scores

Ø Talent/Ability

Ø VolunteerWork

Ø WorkExperience  

Now not all these factors are primarily considered. Few ofthose are very important, some others are important and the left ones areconsidered. An example of this is given below:

Earlham College:

Very Important

Ø Academic GPA

Ø Application Essay

Ø Rigor of secondary school record



Ø Character/Personal Qualities

Ø Extracurricular Activities

Ø Recommendations



Ø Alumni Relation

Ø Class Rank

Ø Interview

Ø Racial/Ethnic Status

Ø Religious Affiliation or Commitment

Ø Standardized Test Scores

Ø Talent/Ability

Ø Volunteer Work

Ø Work Experience

To find out about what the college considers when evaluating a student just go to College Board and find out the factors the college considers in which you are applying.

Last thing but not the least, if you have not taken SAT-II or SAT Subject test then never ever apply into the colleges that require SAT-II. 

Keep reviewing this website cause I'm gonna be adding more information and tips for you to get know what it takes to get enrolled in a university in USA.