TOP 15 New York City Colleges

What better than studying in New York City? The most desirable place to study around the world as it is the center to the New York Metropolitan Area. A gateway to opportunities!

I have provided you with the list of top-ranked colleges of New York City in order of their Forbes and US News rankings. Further the benefits and disadvantages of attending these colleges in NYC will be explained. 

The 15 Top-Ranked Schools in NYC

School  Ranking                              A. SAT Score             A. ACT Score              Acceptance Rate
1. Columbia University                    2215                                    33                                    7%   

2. Barnard College                              2020                                    30                                    21%   

3. Cooper Union                                   1987                                    31                                    8%    

4. New York University                   2015                                     30                                   32%   

5. Fordham University                     1870                                     28                                   43% 

6. CUNY—City College                   1030                                     N/A                                 34%      

7. Manhattan College                      1623                                     25                                    66%   

8. Yeshiva University                       1840                                     26                                    82%   

9. CUNY—Baruch College            1229                                      N/A                                27% 

10. CUNY—Brooklyn College       1096                                      N/A                                28%   

11. CUNY—Hunter College           1175                                      N/A                                31% 

12. CUNY—Queens College          1624                                      N/A                                37%   

13. The New School                             N/A                                        N/A                                67%   

14. CUNY—Lehman College          1425                                      N/A                                23%   

15.Pace University                              1090                                         24                                81% 

Columbia University

Columbia University

Benefits Of Going To College In New York City

1. You'll never be bored

Many colleges are in remote locations. If you get tired from on-campus activities, you do not have enough off-campus opportunities. If you go to college in NYC, you will be in one of the most vibrant and exciting city in the worldMany NYC colleges offer deals to students so they can take advantage of New York’s cultural offerings.

2. Internship & Job Opportunities

One of the best advantages of going to NYC Colleges is that there are many industries and companies established. You can have numerous opportunities to flourish and excel in different fields. Here is a list of over 200 undergraduate intern jobs in NYC on LinkedIn. 

3. Diversity

While attending  college or university, you will probably interact with tons of people from all over the world.  You’ll probably be surrounded by mostly traditional college-aged students. This diversity is what bring colors to life. 

4. Transportation

In New York, you’ll have no issue exploring the city without a car.  You can easily wander without any tension of transport. The subway, trains, cabs, and Uber, facilitates you to travel around the city or accessing other cities on the east coast. That's the beauty of NYC. 

5. Food

New York City is known for having some of the best restaurants in the world. There are cheap and tasty food restaurants representing every type of food you like. If you get tired of eating the dorm food, you’ll have access to so many different types of food at all hours.

New York City - Coolest City in the World

New York City - Coolest City in the World

Disadvantages of Going to College in New York City

1. New York City Is Expensive

If you have limited funds, you may not really be able to take advantage of what the city has to offer. Even though the food and transportation is cheap, but almost everything you do off campus will cost you some money.

2. Distractions

Since you are in college to learn, you may sometimes find it distracting to try to study and go to class in the “City That Never Sleeps. Because you have access to so many social opportunities and entertainment, you will have to maintain discipline in order to ensure that you are focused on your academics which is your primary goal.

Now, its on you to decide that either these colleges are good for you or not?

Hustle & Bustle in NYC

Hustle & Bustle in NYC